The Buzz Around the Next Apple Event is Fading. Here is why

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On Monday at 5 p.m., the tech community is gearing up for another Apple event. The Apple Scarry Fast event.

While the buzz is not about a new iPhone, speculation centers around potential new MacBooks, iPads, and possibly an updated Magic Mouse. However, the validity of these rumors remains uncertain.

Is this the Apple event that everyone’s eagerly awaiting or is it one primarily for the ardent Apple aficionados?

The latter seems more probable. The buzz surrounding this event on social media has been rather subdued, with only a select few truly keen on it. I, for one, am excited — but that’s largely because I enjoy reviewing tech products, especially those from Apple.

The buzz surrounding this Apple event on social media has been rather subdued, with only a select few truly keen on it

For those of you in the dark about this upcoming event, here’s a synopsis of the expected announcements. Do note that these are based on leaks and rumors, so take them with a grain of salt.

The 24-inch iMac

A long-awaited upgrade to the 24-inch iMac M1 is likely on the cards. Given that it hasn’t received a refresh in over two years, it’s ripe for an overhaul.

Mark Gurman, a trusted name in Apple leaks, suggests we could see a revamped iMac 24-inch equipped with an M3 chip, a new magic keyboard, and a magic mouse boasting a USB-C port instead of of the traditional lightning port.

This hints at Apple’s continued move away from the lightning port, and once and for all closing up this lightning port chapter.

Revamped MacBooks with a New Chip

It’s almost a given that Apple will introduce new MacBooks with a more robust chip. Expectations are high for the upcoming MacBooks (both 14 and 16-inch) to feature the M3 chip.

This chip might have variations, from the M3 Pro to the M3 Max, contingent on the CPU and GPU core configurations.

The new MacBook M3 chip might have variations, from the M3 Pro to the M3 Max

There’s chatter about these MacBooks incorporating a “dynamic island”, just like the newer iPhones, but it’s more likely they’ll retain the notch from their predecessors.

No New iPad Pro, but a Revamped iPad Mini

The M2 iPad Pro has been in the market for a while, and it’s likely to remain unchanged. This continuity can be a boon for users wary of frequent device upgrades.

However, the spotlight might shift to the iPad mini. The current model, the iPad mini 6, garnered attention due to a ‘jelly scrolling’ issue, where one side of the screen appeared to lag when scrolling.

Apple attributed this to standard LCD screen behavior, but speculation is rife that a new iPad mini might debut with improvements, including a fix to this scrolling conundrum.

In Conclusion

Apple has unveiled a plethora of innovative products in recent months, and many of us are still exploring the capabilities of gadgets like Apple’s Vision Pro. Consequently, while the upcoming event might not redefine tech boundaries, it promises to offer subtle refinements that enhance the user experience.

Thanks for reading till the end : )

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